Field Reporting Webportal

Smallholder projects often involve thousands of farmers that need to be monitored on a regular basis. At the same time, information need increases, due to certification requirements, financial stakeholders or markets, demanding transparent and regular updates about project advances and results. This calls for efficient monitoring tools that enable quick, transparent and accurate field data collection.

ForestSense currently assists 6 projects in the design and implementation of a monitoring system: two reforestation projects, a Climate Smart Agriculture project and a coffee restoration project. For the DACAPI en Awajun project in Peru, a webportal has been developed for near-real-time processing and reporting of the field data.

The projects use smart electronic field forms installed on 7 inch android tablets to collect field data. After the collection and mapping of field data, the field technicians return to a location with WiFi connection and upload their field data to a cloud. There the data is either stored an a database, ready for analysis, or processed on-the-fly by FieldMessenger, a reporting webportal for project stakeholders. The software we use is open source, cheap to implement and open-box, to guarantee full control and ownership of your database, also in the long term.

Please have a look at where one of the projects (DACAPI) is using FieldMessenger for reporting to its stakeholders (note: restricted access to respect farmer privacy).



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